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Artisanal ice cream for Gourmet & Vegan store’s

Artisanal ice cream for Gourmet & Vegan store’s

The perfect ice cream for the most demanding customers

Surprise them with an excellent high quality artisan ice cream, finished and without manipulation.

Wide range of products for Vegans.

With ice cream Stick Art® you will increase your sales with a new, different and original concept.

Experience shows that our display cabinets, due to their attractiveness and visibility, guarantee an easy, fast and impulse sale.

No rents or royalties.

Why Stick Art® Ice Cream for your gourmet & vegan store’s?

High quality ice cream with high profitability.

Unbeatable service.

Everything in a simple and straightforward way.

Strong commitment to our customers to meet their expectations.

Close business relationship with our suppliers, managing to guarantee at all times the quality demanded by our customers.

We are committed to ecology and nature. Our processes are environmentally friendly.

Vegan ice lollies

Attract new customers to your store!

· We advise you continuously and personally.

· We guarantee an area of influence and exclusivity.

· Attractive designs (the magic of ice cream)

· Unique for the most demanding palates

· Make a difference with our premium ice cream

· High profitability

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