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Exquisite sweet and salty combination in a single totally handmade ice cream, covered with 100% natural chocolate and Hazelnut.

polos sin gluten

Gluten free


UHT milk, fresh UHT cream, special cream base with sugar, 8% quark cheese powder, (quark cheese) with a pinch of salt. Coating ingredients: cocoa butter, sugar, whole milk powder, anhydrous milk fat, Emulsifier, Soy Lecithin, Natural Vanilla Flavor with Hazelnut 100% natural.


Nutritional information

Average values: Per 100g By Polo (95g) % IR *
Energy value (Kcal) 335,3 319,3 16,0%
Proteins (g) 4,4 4,2 0,2%
Carbohydrates (g) 28,7 27,4 1,4%
Fat (g) 22,4 21,4 1,1%
Salt (g) 0,1 0,1 0,0%
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