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“We turn the simple into something unique”

About us?

Stick Art® is a company dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of genuine and attractive artisan ice creams.

Our inspiration comes from a simple and innovative idea in the world of ice cream. We transform traditional products into a new, different and original concept.

Our philosophy

Strong commitment to our clients to satisfy their expectations.

Close commercial relationship with our suppliers, ensuring at all times the quality required by our customers.

We are committed to ecology and nature. Our processes are respectful with the environment.

Fabricante de helados artesanales

Attract new customers!

Depending on your geographical location, we provide the display case in storage (after a feasibility study), or we have the Welcome Packs.

We advise you in a continuous and personalized way.

We guarantee area of influence and exclusivity.


An excellent quality product with high profitability and good service. All in a simple and easy way.

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