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Great creation of creamy ice pop, cocoa and bounissimo paste. Covered with milk chocolate and lines of dark and white chocolate

polos sin gluten

Gluten free


UHT milk, UHT fresh cream, special cream base with sugar, cocoa and bounissimo paste (Hazelnuts). / Ingredients coverage: 60% pure chocolate, cocoa mass, sugar, nonfat cocoa powder, lactose, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, anhydrous milk fat, natural vanilla aroma.


Nutritional information

Average values: Per 100g By Polo (95g) % IR *
Energy value (Kcal) 326,5 310,9 15,5%
Proteins (g) 4,2 4,0 0,2%
Carbohydrates (g) 29,7 28,3 1,4%
Fat (g) 21,1 20,1 1,0%
Salt (g) 0,1 0,1 0,0%
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